gîte les martins en Puisaye

rural gite in Puisaye ( Burgundy )

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The Martins farm is typically Poyaudine in construction, with its materials taken from its soils; sandstone, coloured bricks, ochres, small Burgundy tiles, white limestone cornices, and its U-form encompassing a large central court.

Its openings are varied, added over the years whenever needed; small openings designed for ventilation in places where light was of secondary importance, large sandstone or limestone openings in the living areas and at the very top in the roof, dormer windows. A stone staircase joins the West angle.

UA pond, formerly for watering the farm animals, adds to the charm and shelters numerous aquatic and sub aquatic life such as frogs, newts, dragonflies and fish.

Extracts from
Détours en france
[march 2006]

Détours en France

ochre, clay and countryside...


The Puisaye, land of potters, is composed of clay, water retaining soils, where numerous lakes and vibrant greenery is ever omnipresent.

In addition, the terroir Poyaudin is, with the Vaucluse, one of the biggest ochre extraction areas in France.

ochre Song partition (pdf)

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